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Sevier United helps with responsible tourism by aiding the needs of the community and labor force to support sustainable tourism in Sevier County.  We are here to serve Sevier County families/individuals in need through our various programs and partnerships.

We primarily help with:

  • Community Emergency Services and Resources

  • Health Education

  • Translation

We also assist with life planning (i.e., plans to meet basic needs).

We have been called Sevier County’s Community Caseworkers and County Resource Network.


What We Believe In:

Sevier United welcomes and empowers Sevier County immigrants and underserved families/individuals, connecting hearts and hands with resources and education, to develop a sense of belonging, and to have an active interest in the civic, social, and moral welfare of our community.


Sevier United seeks to provide a safe place where immigrants and underserved families/individuals in Sevier County can find connection and support while being treated with dignity and respect.


We are a nonprofit community agency stemming from a Sevier County Outreach Committee, established by the Sevier County Health Department in 2017.  We are dedicated to helping families/individuals in need and assimilating immigrants that live or work in Sevier County.  We strive to help them in difficult times, whether that is fulfilling basic needs or with cultural assimilation.  We are enthusiastic to find and share resources, build relationships, and have a network of volunteers and partners.  Our goal is for this center to help create and foster a spirit of understanding and cooperation among all the residents of Sevier County.  We were granted 501(c)(3) status in July 2022.

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