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  • Third Tuesday of every month (12:30 pm to 2:00 pm).  The Board of Directors and Members of Sevier United Meeting.  Location: King Family Library (408 High Street Sevierville, Tennessee, 37862.)



·        Registration, ESL Orientation, and Parent Teacher Conferences at our schools (totaling 69 hours).


·        Community Events, where we had a booth and provided informational resources to our community (6 Events totaling 12 hours and several volunteers).


·        Participation at School Events (4 Events totaling 16 hours and several volunteers).


·        Speaking at organizations on behalf of Sevier United (5 Events).


·        Registration for “Toys for Tots” and “Teen Christmas” (2 days).


·        Interpretation, Creation, and Notarization of Documents for 31 families.


·        Interpretation of documents for government organizations – 4.


·        Job referrals – 18 people.


·        Helped establish small businesses for 2 people.


·        Provided materials (clothes, shoes, food, etc.) and resources (food, medical, mental health, educational, special services, transportation, immigration, etc.) needed for 137 families.


·        Facebook and Instagram publications for the community.  Continuous postings (almost daily) with reminders, resources, and activities in our community.


·        Website.  Electronically providing resources and information for the community in English, Spanish, and Russian.  Currently, working on adding Ukrainian.


·       Electronic Office Infrastructure has been established.  This includes individual professional emails using our domain name for our Board Members and others, a Zoom account, team and public calendars, new organizational telephone number and voicemail, as well as many other IT services.




·        Providing a “Survivor Skills” Manual from English to Spanish with diverse scenarios. 

·        Preparing a “Hispanic Cookbook” for the Foster Parents housing Hispanic children. 

·        Online Donation availability.




·        Create a “Survivor Skills” Manual from Spanish to English.  We hope to have it available on both our Website and Facebook.  We hope it will help people aware that they can make progress communicating in English and become enthusiastic about learning English.  

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