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Outside the Office: 

Sevier United will be working on partnership with the Sevier County Primary Schools, to have volunteers present at the Registration Day, Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, and any other help requested by the principal.  We have started working with Pigeon Forge Primary and Sevierville Primary.

At the Office:

A member will assess the client’s individual case, needs and goals.  The member will create a plan specific to their needs and goals.   The member will provide resources to supply their needs and goals.  The member will navigate the resources and numerous processes with them, to ensure they have a clear understanding on the steps to follow:

The member will set up appointments for any needed services (interpretation services, translation of documents, education, enrolling children in school, health care, job search and/or referrals, housing referrals, referrals to food resources including Sevier County Food Ministry, public services, and other basic necessities.)


The client needs to make an appointment and be responsible for bringing all of the supporting documents that will be needed for the service.  During the initial interview, the member of Sevier United will review all of the documents provided and will make a list of documents that they need to bring in order to produce the document.  The member will set up an appointment in order to produce the document.  If the document requires notarization, the member will coordinate with one of our two Notary Publics in order to have them present at the time the final document is executed.


This year, more than ever before, has brough a renewed sense of hope that with the COVID-19 vaccine distribution we may soon return to a new more cautions normal life.  While we are hopeful, we must also stay vigilant in the fight against all variances and to continue educating our community with information and resources.


We will help individuals to prepare for a job interview and or to produce a Resume for them to present them self to an interview, showing their best skills and ability, and with confidentially and assurance on the presentation.  A Team member will “rehearse” the Job Interview with the client.


The Superhero Parent Education Program, founded by Conexión Americas, was created in 2018 to help empower parents from different ethnic backgrounds with knowledge to better advocate for equality in the children’s education.  The program focuses on advocating in three areas:

1 - Requesting accessible, clear, and transparent data.

2 - Requesting that parents are included from the beginning in any school’s Disciplinary process.

3 - Ensuring access to college information and support for economically disadvantaged student.

This program is the first of its kind in Hamblen County, and this is an important step toward equality for all students.  We strive to inform parent advocates who can fight for the children’s right to equal education.



Sevier United will have a Poster Frame where Employers will be allowed to place open job positions.  There will be a BIG DISCLAIMER FORM ON THE TOP, letting the people know that we will be acting ONLY AS A POSTING SERVICE.  At NO TIME will Sevier United be making ANY RECOMMENDATION REGARDING EMPLOYERS OR EMPLOYEES.  It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE JOB SEEKER TO CONTACT THE EMPLOYER DIRECTLY, AND TO FILE THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION WITH THEM.  Sevier United makes NO REPRESENTATION regarding the wages, safety, working conditions, working environment, needed skills, work ethic, prior business history, qualification of potential employers or employees, healthy work environment or legal status of the employer or employee. When posting a flyer for a job, it will be the SOLE responsibility of the employer to provide all the needed information.  The employer must refrain from providing information that is untruthful, defamatory, obscene, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, abusive to any group, race, or nationality.



We would like to help our Hispanic and Minority communities to thrive economically, therefore, making a bigger impact in our community. A team member will guide them in providing step-by-step requirements and documentation needed to incorporate a business. An initial assessment interview will be conducted.

We will also try to partner them with a mentor, who can help them grow, with the hope that one day, the new business owner will be very successful, and will be able to become a partner at that time. We will create a network of small bilingual business owners, interested in serving our community as partners.


A two-part series program will be offered to teach clients how to prepare a budget, taking in consideration their income, expenses and taxes.


We are going to request permission to assess the existing English classes, as we hear from students that they do not want to attend those classes because they feel they are wasting their time, as they are based on grammar only.  We may suggest a more “conversational hand on programs“ to the existing established centers.  If this is not possible, we are willing to teach our own conversational classes.


Because of the rapid growth on our Hispanic population, business owners are asking for a way to learn “basic communication language“ with their employees, while they learn English.  We are working on a curriculum to be able to offer Spanish classes to English-speaking people of different nationalities. This will be a 5-week course, meeting once a week in the evening.

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