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We provide:


Emergency Resource Assistance:  Sevier United responds to requests from local agencies, organizations, and the community to provide baby items (e.g., diapers, wipes, car seats, highchairs, etc.), children’s clothing and shoes up to size 14, as well as feminine and other hygiene products to impoverished individuals/families and assimilating immigrants.  We are the ONLY provider for those services in Sevier County. 


Resource Connections:

Sevier United connects at-need individuals and families with community resources such as food pantries, medical services, mental health, transportation, financial help, legal services, physical and substance abuse, education, and other emergency services.  We have the ONLY website in Sevier County that provides detailed descriptions of all community services available in English, Spanish, and Russian. We actively participate in numerous community meetings and organizations to bring new resources and awareness to our clients.



Sevier United furnishes educational materials regarding childcare for newborns and other ages, obesity, STD’s, smoking and vaping, substance abuse, and healthy relationships.  Sevier United partners with the Sevier County Health Department to provide health fairs to our community, furthering health education.   


Interpreter and Translation Assistance:

Sevier United responds to requests from local agencies (Schools, DCS, Health Department, Police Department, Courts, Covenant Health, LeConte Medical Center, SMARM, Mountain Hope Clinic, Rural Medical Services, Pregnancy Resource Services, Inc., CASA, Sevier County Lions Club, etc.).  We provide spoken and written language conversion from Spanish to English in meetings critical to their missions.  We also provide interpreter, translation, production of documents and notary services, to individuals and families for legal documents, legal aid issues and job applications.  Further, we also help non-English speaking individuals  with business creation.


Assistance with Needs of Sevier County Schools:

Sevier United works with the school system to supply the students with much needed feminine and hygiene items.  This is an ongoing project.

English as a Second Language (ESL):

Sevier United works to assimilate non-English speaking individuals into the community by offering the “Conversational Scenarios” series (PDF and videos) on its website.  These videos teach essential life skills encouraging newcomers to learn conversational English.  Our future plan is to offer English classes.

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