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The Relative Caregiver Program (RCP)

The Relative Caregiver Program (RCP) is an option available for relatives to care for non-custodial children who require care outside of their biological parents.

Through the RCP program, children and relative caregivers receive supportive services geared toward prevention and maintaining the child to stay within the family instead of entering foster care. The family has access to several opportunities to support them, and potentially a monthly stipend for those who qualify.

Who is eligible for RCP services?: The relative caregiver must be related to the child by blood, marriage or adoption. The relative caregiver must have primary care and control of the child through informal family arrangements or through legal custody or guardianship. The natural parents cannot live in the same house.  The caregiver must file and application.

Call your Family Advocate from the Relative Caregiver Program:

Tiffany Kaun 865-291-0289

408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd, Suite: 300, Knoxville, TN

Online Payment

Virtual Credit Cards

For our friends who do not have social security, you have the option of only with your passport, matricula consular or ITIN # to open a debit card.
The card is opened by the computer and must deposit the money they are going to use, or the one they want to leave as a balance.  Type the name of the card into Google and open the application in your native language. There are no deposit limits.

You can make all the deposits you want and from anywhere and also make
payments with the card, just like transfer money abroad.
There are two of them that have no monthly cost.
The advantage of these cards is that you do not have to walk with cash up, and also helps you establish credit.


The Cards work like a regular Visa.

The names of the cards are:
My Bamboo
Majority (this is the one with a charge of $5.00 per month)

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